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Guarantee & Returns


If you are unhappy with your order or would like to return/exchange your item(s), please send your item(s) back to our corporate office in accordance with the Spirited Jungle Return Policy:

  • Items must be sent back within 14 days after the posted delivery date.
  • Items must be free of wear, stains, or deodorant.
  • Final Sale items are non-returnable for a refund. Although, these items are eligible for a free exchange or store credit.
  • Items marked not on sale are eligible for a full refund.
  • Swimwear, bikini enhancers, bodysuits, and lingerie are non-refundable.
  • Returns/exchanges are processed within 4-6 business days after your item(s) are received at our corporate office.
  • Spirited Jungle does not provide prepaid shipping labels; the customer will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping for returns/exchanges.
  • Defective, damaged, or incorrect orders must be reported within 2 days of delivery. Please note that if such orders are not reported within this timeframe, we will not issue a refund/exchange.
  • Exchange packages must include a completed Exchange Form.
  • Return/Exchange drop-offs will not be accepted at our corporate office.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us via email:



All orders placed on Spirited Jungle are covered by our Buyer’s Protection Store Policy where if a customer does not receive his/her order within 60 days after purchase, we will issue a full refund. No questions asked.


If you wish to initiate the return process for a full refund, please make sure your order applies to our Return Policy. Please beware full refunds are issued to item(s) purchased retail price.

Note: We strongly suggest you keep a receipt for proof of shipping a return back to us. We are not responsible for any lost packages sent back to us.


Any product marked on sale is not eligible for a refund. We only issue full refunds to products not on sale during the time of your order.


Exchanges are accepted within 14 days after your order has been marked delivered. Your exchange package must include our Exchange Form completed once you contact our Customer Support Team. Also, please note we only accept exchanges for the same product type (Ex: Bikini vs. Bikini, Dress vs. Dress, Top vs. Top, etc.).

Note: We strongly suggest you keep a receipt for proof of shipping an exchange back to us. We are not responsible for any lost packages sent back to us.


In any case of a refund, if there is evidence that the item has been worn before being shipped back, the refund will be voided.


Upon receiving your order, please thoroughly check the delivered items. Should you receive an item that is defective, incorrect, or you believe that you are missing an item: please email info to within 2 days of delivery. Include a photo and description of the issue along with your Order Number to ensure a swift resolution.


E-Gift cards purchased from our website are not eligible for a refund. Store credit/gift cards have no expiration date.


  • You have a maximum of 90 days to claim a package not received.
  • Please complete checkout with the CORRECT shipping information. In the case of an event where you have filled out your shipping information incorrectly and your order has been shipped we will NOT be responsible to refund your total amount spent or resend the product(s) ordered. This is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Refunds are issued only to the original payment method chosen (We cannot make any alterations to payment methods). Please note the average time it takes to receive your refund is 2-3 business days. In rare cases, it can take 5-7 business days.
  • Once the package is controlled by a local shipping service (Primarily USPS) we are not liable for any issues concerning delays, custom holds, or orders delivered to a local post office. It is the customer's responsibility to monitor the order(s) placed & to contact your local shipping service in order to rectify the problem. Since we do not have jurisdiction over the package at this point, we are not culpable if the order is sent to your post office instead of your address. You would have to provide them your tracking code (not the order number) which is located under Carrier Name when you track your order on our tracking page. If you were to find out the package has departed from the office, we are not responsible for reimbursing your funds.
  • If the customer ships back an order prior to receiving a return/exchange ticket with instructions, issuing funds back may be voided. We have to inspect a photo of your item(s) and provide you with steps how to proceed next where your order would fall under. Please contact us if you'd like to request a return/exchange.
  • Returns/Exchanges are accepted ONLY at our corporate office, not at our shipping facility (original sender address). We will provide shipping details for returns/exchanges once you’ve contacted us. Any orders shipped to our shipping facility will be voided due to not following standard return/exchange procedures.
  • If you have received a return/exchange ticket and you have shipped your order back to us past our return/exchange window without providing a tracking number during this window, your return/exchange will be voided. Please send us a tracking number immediately before the 14-day timeframe has ended on your behalf of receiving your order(s).
  • Please note that our Buyer's Protection Policy does not cover orders that have been marked delivered when the customer claims they have never received anything. At this point, we strongly suggest calling your local shipping service to get an update on your package.
  • If a customer lives in a neighborhood where theft is common, we suggest shipping your order to a PO Box or another shipping address. If you believe theft may be the reason you have not received your package, we are not responsible for reimbursing any funds.
  • Gift cards are non-refundable.
  • If a customer requests for an exchange and we send out the new order, then requests for a refund, this would be declined. Exchange items are non-refundable.