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Spirited Jungle Ambassador Information


We're so excited to see you in the program! Whether you're a model, fashion blogger, traveler, Youtuber, social media influencer, photographer, stylist, student, or anyone else, we would be thrilled to see a new face in the Spirited Jungle Ambassador Program! We know all of you love the warm weather, vacations, adventures with friends, cute pictures, and most importantly... Clothes! Now here is what the program comes with:

Benefits of the program:

  • Be able to represent Spirited Jungle as an Ambassador in any sort of way, we encourage you to be creative!
  • Two lucky ambassadors are selected each month to receive one FREE Spirited Jungle Product
  • 30% Off storewide year-round. Including on discounted items, for you only with the registered email
  • Exclusive collaboration opportunities and priority model trialing
  • Opportunity to be featured on our website and social media
  • A 20% off unique personalized code to share with your friends/family/followers
  • Exclusive invites to Spirited Jungle Ambassadors contests, promotions, giveaways
  • The ambassador with the most referred people with their code at the end of the month will receive three FREE pieces of their choice 
  • Affiliate commissions coming soon...

We are so thankful for all of our Ambassadors that have joined our program and we cannot stress how awesome it is to see the community grow behind Spirited Jungle, there are so many new opportunities ahead of you all! We ask of you all to be creative and positive when representing and spreading awareness of our brand. The world needs more women that deserve to feel confident and beautiful in their own skins with their clothing on, and our mission is to prove all women are beautiful no matter how you look.

We love you all and cannot wait to see the big things you all are capable of doing. Below you will find our FAQs about being in the program.



  • How do other people use my code? 

You can share your code directly as given or with a unique Spirited Jungle link, here is how it would look:


Place your code in the "YourCode" section of the link.

  • How long am I a Spirited Jungle Ambassador?

There is no end date! You are an ambassador for Spirited Jungle for as you like.

  • How do I check how many referrals I have?

Please contact us directly, we will fill in the details.

  • How can I share Spirited Jungle with others?

We encourage you to share us to others by word of mouth, social media, blogs, photoshoots, Youtube reviews, and anything creative you can think of.


With love,

Spirited Jungle